Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moncler Experience Number 2

Cold and sunny. A perfect day for a trip to Ikea in Burlington, Ontario. The only reaction I received was from two over-weight girls shopping in the kitchen department; both smirked and giggled slightly. That's not really conclusive feedback, but I can say that the Ikea visit was illuminating. You have to remember, Canadians dress in dreary subdued winter fashions. In bright sunlight and under Ikea's halogen store lighting, my black Moncler jacket looked incredibly shiny and slick. Unfortunately, these very qualities that I love about Moncler jackets made me self-conscious and uncomfortable around the staff and customers. It's easy to write about it now, but at the time I started to feel like I was wearing something forbidden. I can probably attribute this to the strong connection I have with women wearing these jackets. It was not the experience I was expecting, and it was a bit unnerving. After today, I have serious doubts that I can wear this jacket confidently in public.

I'm scoring these experiences as Positive, Neutral, or Negative. Today however, I'm scoring it Fail.


  1. I don't see the problem, the jackets are well-made, with an excellent finish. If people are stupid enough to make comments about it because it looks a tad unusual, then that says more about them than about anything else. During the past winter, I have enjoyed my black Himalaya to the full. Life is too short to let one's enjoyment depend on other people's approval! Take care,

  2. Hi moncler people
    I love these jackets they are so soft, shiny and warm and look amazing so I recently purchased my first moncler down jacket it’s a shiny navy everest down jacket which cost quite a lot of money.

    The only problem is I have not worn it in public yet because I am too embarrassed to wear it. I was told by a female friend that it looks ridicules on me because it’s to shiny and feminine looking and that they have only see girls wearing shiny down jackets and not guys. I explained to her that it is a guys jacket and that guys do wear shiny down jackets. But I have to admit I have seen very few in my time are they right.

    So now I don’t know what to do my confidence is gone, I think I would feel very vulnerable and self-conscious in front of people and at what they might say or think of me if I was to wear this shiny moncler down jacket in public. What shall I do should I listen to what I was told and sell it, or should I ignore there comments.

    What are your views Moncler fans are there comments justified, has anyone got any advice for me.

  3. Being from the west coast - Vancouver, BC. - I've seen quite a few men wearing extremely shiny nylon down jackets. Not only the Moncler brand, but I've seen several others as well, such as Duvetica, Millet, Nomis, Adidas, Parkasite, PAMY, and Perelli, to name a few. Harry Rosen carried the Moncler Everest last year (winter 08/09). Can't imagine why the women you've run into don't "approve" - perhaps the sexy quality of these jackets makes THEM uncomfortable. If that's the case - the problem is theirs, not yours! KEEP WEARING YOUR MONCLER!!!

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