Sunday, February 14, 2010

With a Little Inspiration From Julianne Moore.

The Moncler Jacket Experience will continue. I recently moved, and now that our home renovations are complete, I'm ready to continue with all the thrills and chills of wearing my Moncler jacket in Canada. Watch for new "experience" submissions along with various Moncler "street shots". Having said that, it's strange that I have not seen a Moncler jacket on the streets of Toronto. You? Thankfully, they're starting to appear on the streets of New York City. Perhaps Canada won't be far behind. See Erin, I could be ahead of the style curve. Oh, and thanks to everyone for the pictures that have been mailed in.


  1. I have decided to wear my shiny moncler down jacket into college in the morning and see what reactions I get, I bought this moncler down jacket not so long ago and it seems like such a waste of money not to wear it because I am afraid of what other people might say and think of me.

    Its possibly a very bad idea because there are quite a few girls in my college that wear shiny moncler down jackets and I get the impression that shiny down jacket are mainly a female fashion trend. I have to admit they do look amazing on girls, so I understand why people associate this style of jacket with girls. I have yet to see any guys wearing them.

    I know I will certainly feel very self-conscious going in that college door in the morning wearing such a shiny down jacket in front of everybody, everyone is so used to seeing me in an ordinary jacket and would never imagine me wearing something so shiny and puffy.

    I have to be honest I am terrified and embarrassed about the whole idea of wearing it in front of the other students, I mean what will they say and think of when they see me wearing it, I will most likely get a lot of weird looks and cruel remarks but I hope this mocler experience is not a big mistake.

  2. As most people know, Moncler jackets are commonly seen worn by men in Asia, in addition to Europe (as well as other brands of very shiny nylon jackets - Parkasite, Duvetica, Pamy, Penfield, Kejo, Millet). More and more, I see men on the west coast of Canada wearing them (me included!) A Moncler is on my wish-list, but I do have a Penfield, a Novis, and a knock-off Moncler in my collection.

    Come on guys - shiny nylon down jackets are not only for women! Enjoy wearing them in public - they look hot!

  3. Your right Brad about moncler down jackets are not just for women, its just that there are several girls in my college that dress in shiny moncler down jackets.

    I think most people where i live assume that shiny moncler down jackets are a female fashion trend.

    I was not in college this week so i didnt get a chance to wear my shiny moncler down jacket,so monday is the big day for my first moncler experience, i just hope people dont laugh at me when they see me wearing it